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Venue Spotlight: The Strand-Capitol Theatre – York, PA « Kiana June Weber



Venue Spotlight: The Strand-Capitol Theatre – York, PA COMMENT


When you think of the great theaters of the country York, Pennsylvania might not be the first thing to pop into your head. I find time and time again as I tour around this country, that the most beautiful theaters are found not in downtown Chicago, or LA or New York, but in the smaller towns  that have taken the time to preserve and protect amazing venues through generations.
The Strand-Capitol Theatre is and perfect example of that, and we had the pleaser of performing there last weekend.  Originally, this venue was two buildings – a dance hall called The Capital built in 1906 and theatre for vaudeville acts and silent movies called The Strand that opened in 1925.  The Strand  “was a glittering example of Italian Renaissance architecture with its marble terrazzo floors, graceful archways and ornate decorative details – 1,800 pounds of gold leaf, 100 pounds of bonze and 4,000 pounds of ribbon gold in pilaster moldings.” Beautiful murals are complimented by the 2,800-pound crystal chandelier.  As a pinnacle of the roaring twenties, the theatre flourished, and even survived the great depression and showed movies until recently when in 1976 the Strand was forced to close due to competition from shopping malls and chain movie theaters.
But the amazing story here is that just months after it closed the community took it upon themselves to save this beautiful place!  Business leaders and professionals formed a committee to save the theatre and by 1980 reopened. Since then, the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center has completed a remarkable expansion and renovation project costing $18.1 million and the community continues to put money back into the theatre by donating one dollar from every ticket purchased to help maintain and preserve the building.
Thank you to the people of York for keeping this theatre not only alive, but thriving!
I hope it is here for generations to come.
I found this information and more on Check it out.  There is lots more to see about this amazing place and the great acts they bring through.