so what is Ireland like? 4 COMMENTS

(post dated April 20th, 2015)

Well, so far it has been a roller coaster.

If i’m honest I completely underestimated how difficult moving to another continent would be. I thought, as someone who travels professionally that I would be very able to handle this move, but the truth is it is really hard.  I never get homesick on tour, but actually feeling that your “home” is in a different place makes a big difference.  I love so much about ireland already and I am continually learning new things, creating new experiences and memories and establishing new and old friends.  I think that is what home is about, so I am just trying to be patient with myself. But in the mean time, it is difficult. Many days of feeling kind of lost and some totally embarrassing moments of freaking out because you miss food from home, or crying in the shower.


Most days are amazing though. The past week has been really sunny, and I had the pleasure of touring around the country a lot to see some new places. Some of the highlights:  Killarney, Wexford, Cork, Dublin.  Of course being at home in Galway is different everyday!  I have learned to drive here, and more even more exciting, I learned to surf!!  Well I am terrible at it, but it is such a fun challenge to get our there, get some exercise but mostly drive around the beautiful irish coastline. The thing about surfing here is that it is F#@%-ing freezing. So I went to buy a wetsuit, and having never put one on before, I thought the whole process was hilarious.


Every day is a new adventure, a new challenge.  Looking forward to going to Germany and Paris next week.  My first trip away from my new home.

  • flockigbier

    that is sounding like a lot of fun. One of these days I will visit Ireland. Just such beautiful landscapes. Best of luck to you.
    P.S. I would love to hear a Gaelic Storm Christmas album. Love yalls music and just think yall would make a great Christmas tunes. 😉

  • Laura Salmon

    Kiana, being away from all the things you know can be lonely at times and make you sad and miss everyone. . But give yourself time and it could be an awesome experience for you. Don’t be hard on yourself.. I hope it gets easier for you soon. Ireland is beautiful, I hope to go there someday. My great grand father is from the bog of Allen area .. I believe it is Tyrone. It’s great you learned how to drive there. And enjoy the sun while you I here that’s a rare thing.. lol

  • Leah House

    Being an expat is hard! Little by little you will build your new life there. It took me two years before I began inadvertently calling Beijing my home but it really is now. When I’m in the states I miss Beijing, when I’m traveling for work I can’t wait to get back home to Beijing. Everyday make an effort to get out and do something new, even if it’s as simple as learning how the post office works in your new country. Oh, and finding an international grocery store is great for taking off some of the homesickness. Feel free to read about my expat struggles so we can commiserate lol

    • Kiana Weber

      So good to hear from you Leah! I need to read about your trials and tribulations. yeah, it’s amazing how even just grocery shopping becomes a big, foreign event.