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I never thought I would drive down the coast, squeeze into a wet suit and go for a surf in January.  But here I am, sitting with wet, salty hair in a car parked on top of a hill in La Hinch watching surfers out on the reef.

It has been a crazy year in all A huge year of personal growth I suppose, while maybe not much else has changed.  I suppose in life there are just sometimes where you go on a more personal journey. You reach outside your comfort zone and far beyond the limits you had previously constructed for yourself. This puts you in a face to face battle with your innermost self – that one that only you can know – your toughest opponent.  “What are my limits? What are my boundaries? What makes me happy? What do I  imagine for my life?”  I feel like I look the same on the outside, but inside it is as if I have discovered a new continent.

I took this moment on top of this cliff to look back over the year I just had. It might not look it, or even feel like in the moment, but when you look back over just twelve short months you gain perspective and realize how far you have come.  I got engaged, then moved to completely Ireland and had to find myself again.  I ran a marathon.  I never thought I would say that either.  That is whole mental and physical battle of it’s own.  I survived my first Christmas away from home. Now, I am learning to surf.

It can’t explain it, but I feel at peace here. I laugh at my complete security in doing tasks that seemed so hard before.   I am comfortable in my new home and I have found new confidence in my own skin. While I won’t say I feel comfortable in a wet suit yet, I can at least put in on by myself and get out of it in less that 10 minutes.  And I stood up on a wave! A tiny, wave, but a wave none the less. It feels amazing!

The title of the post was inspired by an amazing show I went to in Galway. Local band The Whileaways just released their newest album entitled “Saltwater Kisses.” It is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. Somehow, for me, the album encapsulates this strange bubbling and deep calm I fell that I have trouble putting into words. It’s my current soundtrack to life. I strongly encourage you to have have a listen!

“They’ll be saltwater kisses

for you on the shore,

Saltwater kisses

and worries, worries no more”


  • from Worries No More by the Whileaways”

PS: I hope you have a good laugh at that wetsuit selfie. (above)

That’s all for now!