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Return to My New Home: What is Ireland Like Part 2 « Kiana June Weber



Return to My New Home: What is Ireland Like Part 2 1 COMMENTS

I think it took traveling away, to find my new home. After being in Germany and France, coming back to my little corner of the world felt complete different. It really felt like coming home for the first time in this new place. I was so glad to walk up to our little town house with the red door, and seeing the little yellow flowers I had been trying to grow blooming on the balcony.  For the next three weeks before tour I was able to settle in to a completely different feeling of life. I felt in control and excited again. Ireland on a sunny day is not to be matched: walking around shop street, looking at the fresh fish caught that day, getting fruit and vegetables from the local market. It may not have been a Parisian market, but it was my market.  I have my own coffee shop now too – my local haunt.  The Barista recognizes me and asks all about my day and how I am getting oriented in Galway. Sometimes it is just the little things, the little routines that make a place sparkle.  I hope to collect many more of these. As the three weeks passed, I filled days gradually. I went to my gym a lot, which at first I found very intimidating, but now I have friends too meet there and a routine.  I took dance lessons from legendary Irish Dance Champion, Claire Greaney.  I went to sessions at local pubs and learned new tunes.  I went surfing in the freezing atlantic ocean, and learned more more about the water and the beaches.  Everything slowly transforms from foreign, to familiar, to completely personal as I painted each new place with memories. That is the best way I can describe it. I just need to patient, and give myself time to paint many layers.
I have all kinds of little vignettes that populate my mind now that I am back on tour in the states – little things I miss that fill my thoughts.  Walking into my hotel room I miss my little hot press. Irish homes have a little cupboard  that shares a space with the water boiler and it is literally a small hot closet for drying clothes – genius little thing. Getting coffee in the morning at Starbucks, I think of my little coffee shop in Galway and of tea and fresh scones – I love them.  Fresh scones with butter and jam must be one of the best inventions of all time. I am an avid baker myself, and I had the honor of making scones with Martin’s mother and learning the proper Howley way to make them. Walking at North Beach in Chicago, I think about surfing. I am so terrible at it, but I am really learning the enjoyment of it.  It sounds crazy but I am really starting to like it, but the freezing cold, the long drives to the coast, and water all up into every sinus. I can’t wait for my next wave.  I miss waking up in the morning to the sea breeze blowing into the window and the sound of the the little street bellow. I miss the wildness too. There is a real wildness to the west coast of Ireland that I am just beginning to feel, and really come to love.  It is subtle, but pervasive. I am just learning to understand it.
So I am now on the bus driving from Chicago to Nashville with the guys as we start off our three week tour. Gaelic Storm has a busy summer booked, as usually, but I am really looking forward to this one.  I have so many new experiences to bring with me to the stage on to life on the road. It is all such an adventure.