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on finding the balance « Kiana June Weber



on finding the balance COMMENT

One more month of tour to go!

What I need to be doing is writing a proper journal post but all the distractions and new projects keep me very busy. I have been writing a bunch of grant proposals which eats up extraordinary amounts of time. It is such a difficult task to distill down what is a very creative idea at heart into quantifiable bullet points and business blurbs.

I want to make my own album. But what makes is a viable business venture?  The number of followers I have on Instagram? or the likes on my Facebook page? The number of people who attend Gaelic Storm concerts and the percentage that purchase albums? What kind of profit, if any, is there to be made in music creation these days. After weeks of condensing all of this into multiple grant applications, I’ve decided it doesn’t matter. It is about the joy of creating something and about the journey to get there. That is why I need to do it. A musical study and adventure for myself that will hopefully result in something people what to listen to. But the goal is a personal creative journey. That is all.

So that is what I have for future planning.  Meanwhile in the present it is about Gaelic Storm tour,  staying fit and healthy, trying to get these video blogs up and running (expect a new post tomorrow!) and oh yeah…planning a wedding….eek. It is hard to find the balance sometimes.