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#Karma #PayItForward COMMENT

I have a great story to share with you today that starts with me loosing my wallet and ends with it being shipped to me through the kindness of a complete stranger.

We are so lucky sometimes to be in the hands of humanity and and today I am feeling so thankful for all the wonderful people there are out there in the world. Two days ago, I while in the middle of a long drive from Ithaca, NY to Cincinnati, OH I received a phone call from my mother with some very bad news. My dad was in the hospital. Frazzled, I completely forgot that I had brought my wallet in to the Starbucks with me at the rest stop and while dealing with this family emergency I didn’t realized I had left it there until we arrived at our destination that night. I completely freaked out. Not only was my dad in the hospital but I had no money or credit cards to book transportation to see him if I needed to.

Enter Kassandra Adams from Jamestown, NY – employee at Starbucks coffee. She finds my wallet and holds on to it, waiting for me to call or comeback to collect it. After not hearing from me for a few hours, she opens the wallet (beautiful, new wallet that I got for christmas from Ted Baker I might add. lol) finds my name, looks me up online and sends me a private message on Instagram! She Informs me she has the wallet and sends a number to contact her.

I stumble upon this, completely amazed, and call her. Not only does Kassandra offer to ship my wallet next day air to wherever I am but she won’t take any money out of it to pay for it! So I got my lovely wallet back and I am scheduled to visit my dad next weekend.

We travel so much that is really easy to become jaded, and ungrateful even. But I just want to share this story. It is the kindest and sweetest thing. The best example of #payitforward I have personally encountered and I feel so extremely thankful. Kassandra you can never know how much that meant to me. I hope to repay you someday. Concert tickets? For now I am just reveling in the kindness of humanity and I hope to repay some of that karma in the coming days.