This is a big deal. I’ve trained for and run many half marathon’s on the road, and made running an important part of my life, but this will be my first full marathon!  I’m nervous, and excited all at the same time.  It will be a real challenge to train and stay on track all summer throughout our busy festival season, but I am completely committed.  We decided as a band (myself, Pete, Ryan, and Twigger with Pat as our coach) to run this to raise money for ALS research.  ALS became very real to us when a very close friend was diagnosed and we have been inspired to do something about it.  Additionally, the forefront of research about this disease is currently being done at Trinity College in Ireland – another important connection that we want to support.  So, I’ve just started training and we started our first few fundraising attempts as well.  There is a long road ahead but I will keep you updated here!

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