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fall at home – cooking roast butternut and parsnip soup « Kiana June Weber



fall at home – cooking roast butternut and parsnip soup 2 COMMENTS

Sometimes it is nice to just take a break and unwind from the stress of travel, tour, and the constant demands and pings from social media.  My favorite way to do this, to de-stress, is cooking.  Both of my parents are fantastic cooks, and I was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of love with the small kitchen being the absolute center of it. Many weekends were spent baking with my mom or barbecuing with my dad.  I find it a kind of mindfulness these simple things .  This week, I decided to take inspiration in the kitchen from the amazing fall root vegetables the abound here in Ireland.  Although the fall here has been unusually sunny,  it is still the time of year when everything starts to slow down and the cold rain and changing leaves beckon you to a kind of stillness curled up by the fire, and a nice hot soup in hand helps.

So here it is, my completely made up recipe for Roast Butternut Squash and Parsnip soup.



1 butternut squash

4 Large carrots

4 Large Parsnips

coconut oil

1 cup coconut milk




cayenne pepper

smoked paprika




  • Peel and dice the squash, carrots, and parsnips. Place on a baking tray, and lightly cover the veg with coconut oil salt and pepper.  Roast at 200 *C (425ish *f) for and hour, or until the squash is browning and an fork inserted comes out clean.
  • Put all the vegetables in a food processor and pure.  I only have bullet blender, so I had to pure them in a couple batches but it worked just fine.  Place blended vegetables and one cup of water in a large pot over low heat.
  • As the soup continues to simmer, slowly add coconut milk. Depending on the size of the vegetables you may need to add more or less liquid.  Just look for your ideal consistency. I am also a firm believer in tasting many times as you go..
  • Add spices to tast.  I didn’t measure anything as I went, but I added loads of paprika first (about 2 teaspoons) and I used a heavily smoked paprika from Spain that added a really lovely complicated taste to the soup.  I’d say after that roughly 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, dash of salt and pepper and cayenne to taste.  I like it spicy so I kept adding more as I went.
  • let the soup simmer and mull in its spices for as long as you can.  All good things take time. Your kitchen should also smell amazing by this point.
  • Server with a dollop of plain greek yogurt and a sprig of mint. (I actually put a wedge of really soft goat cheese on top instead of yogurt and it was amazing!)  Happy Dinner as we say in the Webber family!