Kiana June Weber

Kiana Weber was born and raised on a farm just outside the small town of Chelsea, Michigan. She began playing the piano at the age of 5, but soon after, she begged her parents to let her play the violin. At the age of 7, she started taking Suzuki violin lessons and by 14, she was playing in the most elite youth orchestras and ensembles in Michigan. During high school, Kiana developed an interest in fiddling and guitar. She performed with a Celtic band called The Chelsea House Orchestra (CHO) across the Midwest. During her time with CHO, she also began gigging on her own as a singer-songwriter and won numerous awards for her songwriting.

After graduating high school, Kiana attended the University of Michigan (UM) where she studied violin with Stephen Shipps. While at UM, she continued to gig with many bands while exploring alternative styles on the violin. She has taken lessons and appeared in Master classes with Rodney Friend, Gabriel Bolkosky, Aaron Berofsky, Alasdair Fraser, Jerry Holland, Christian Howes, Dennis Wilson, Ellen Rowe, Marian Hayden, and Jeremy Kittel. In 2007, Kiana formed her own acoustic trio called the Daughters of Newgrass, which performed original compositions of a diverse fusion of rock, Celtic, Bluegrass, and Jazz. She also performed in an alternative rock band with Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss (of “Glee” fame). In 2009, Kiana’s studies were put on hold when she was recruited by the world famous violin troupe, Barrage.

Kiana toured with Barrage for three years and appeared in theaters, festival stages, and television specials all over the North America, Central America, Europe and Asia. One of the highlights of her travels was performing on Beijing TV’s televised Chinese New Year Special to an estimated 50 million viewers. After Barrage Kiana returned to her studies and graduated at the top of her class at Univeristy of Michigan’s prestigious School of Music. Kiana joined Gaelic Storm in Fall 2012 and has toured with them since. With them she has recorded three No.1 Billboard  World Music Albums, and performed to audience all over North America. In 2015 Kiana moved to Galway, Ireland and has lived there since. When not playing music or traveling, she can be found out running, hiking by the ocean, or frequenting the coffeeshops of Galway City.


Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm was formed in 1996 in Santa Monica, CA.  In 1997, Gaelic Stormed appeared in the film Titanic as the steerage band. This catapulted them into touring, where they were met with extreme success and popularity.

The Music is notable for its energetic rendering of traditional Irish and Scottish music. Gaelic Storm performs over 125 shows ad year. It has also put out eight albums since its inception, which repeatedly top the Billboard world music charts.

The Band

  • Pattrick Murphy
  • Steve Twigger
  • Ryan Lacey
  • Peter Pervis
  • Kiana June Weber

Kiana uses and highly recommends Violin Pickups by L.R.